Minimum Support Price
Govt of India has taken a number of initiatives for socio economic development of tribals and recognizing the critical importance...
Tribals constitute 8.60% of the total population of the country, numbering 104.28 million (2011 Census) and cover about 15% of the...
TRIFED in its endeavor to develop the marketing of minor forest produce is engaged in skill up gradation and capacity building ...
MFPNET is a network of stakeholders in the trade of MFPs which includes individuals, agencies, institutions etc interested in development of MFP.
Retail Marketing
TRIFED aims to improve the livelihood of the tribal communities by creating a sustainable market and create business opportunities ...

Market Price


State : Commodity :  
From Date To Date
Sl No.DateStateDistrictMarket NameType of MarketCommodity NameMin Price (Rs per Kg)Max Price (Rs per Kg)MSP (Rs. per Kg)
1 23/Mar/2018Madhya PradeshSidhisidhiSecondaryHoney150.00150.00150.00
2 23/Mar/2018Madhya PradeshShahdolshahdolSecondarySal Seed10.0010.0012.00
3 23/Mar/2018Madhya PradeshShahdolshahdolSecondaryMahuwa flower25.0030.000.00
4 23/Mar/2018Madhya PradeshMandlamandlaSecondaryChironji seed80.00100.0093.00
5 23/Mar/2018Madhya PradeshSidhisidhiSecondaryMahuwa seed15.0016.0020.00
6 23/Mar/2018Andhra PradeshVishakapatnamVishakapatnamTerminalHoney450.00450.00150.00
7 23/Mar/2018Madhya PradeshIndoreIndoreTerminalHoney300.00300.00150.00
8 23/Mar/2018Madhya PradeshSidhisidhiSecondarySal Seed10.0010.0012.00
9 23/Mar/2018Uttar PradeshBaliaBaliaTerminalSal Leaves22.0024.0024.00
10 23/Mar/2018DelhiNorthKhari BaoliTerminalGum karaya250.00250.00108.00
11 23/Mar/2018Andhra PradeshVishakapatnamVishakapatnamTerminalGum karaya130.00130.00108.00
12 23/Mar/2018Andhra PradeshVishakapatnamVishakapatnamTerminalGum karaya130.00130.00108.00
13 23/Mar/2018ChhattisgarhJashpurJashpurnagarTerminalKaranj seeds22.0022.0018.00
14 23/Mar/2018RajasthanUdaipurUdaipurTerminalKaranj seeds40.0040.0018.00
15 23/Mar/2018OdishaSundargarhFulijhar,Tamara, Boneikella, Jamdharh, Kundeidiha, Gurundia, KhuntagaonPrimaryMahuwa seed25.0030.0018.00