Van Dhan Vikas Karyakram
The tribal communities primarily depend on collection and sale of seasonal minor forest produces (MFP) for livelihood and income...
MFPNET is a network of stakeholders in the trade of MFPs which includes individuals, agencies, institutions etc interested in development of MFP.
Retail Marketing
TRIFED aims to improve the livelihood of the tribal communities by creating a sustainable market and create business opportunities ...

Statewise Agencies involved in MFP Trade

The State exercises its control over trading of MFPs through the agencies under its control. Within the States, control over the trade of MFPs does not vest with a single agency, but with several types of agencies.

Tendu leaves Bamboo Other MFP
Andhra Pradesh
The Andhra Forest Development Corporation
State Forest Department controls the extraction & trade of bamboo through agents. Where JFMCs exist, they are also involved.  The Girijan Co-operative Corporation (GCC) has monopoly over purchase and trade of 25 MFPs.
Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce (Trading & Development) Co-operative Federation Ltd
State Forest Department The Chhattisgarh State MFP Corporation has monopoly rights over nationalized MFPs, i.e. Sal seed, harra and gum.  Non-nationalized MFPs are directly purchased by the contractors from tribals. The Federation also fixes the prices of these MFPs but has no way of ensuring that these are followed by traders.
Orissa Forest Development Corporation and the Forest Department
Orissa Forest Development Corporation and the Forest Department Purchased by private traders. Prices are fixed by the Block Panchayats. Traders have to register with the Gram Panchayat and pay registration fees of Rs.100.
Jharkhand State Forest Development Corporation (JFDC)
At present no extraction of bamboo is taking place. The extraction would be taken over by the JFDC subject to the approval of the working plan (which is yet to be submitted by the State after making suitable amendments as directed by the Centre) Free markets. JHAMFCO bought imli, chironji, mahuwa and dori at a Minimum Support Price without monopoly last year.
Madhya Pradesh
MP State MFP (Trade and Development) Cooperative Federation Ltd
State Forest Department The MP State MFP Cooperative Federation exercises monopoly over sal seed, harra, kulu gum and lac. MFP are collected and traded freely.
State Forest Department
State Forest Department The Rajasthan Tribal Area Development Cooperative Federation (RTADCF) has ceased to exercise monopoly rights since 2003
Himachal Pradesh
No tendu leaves grown
Bamboo not grown Pradhans of Gram Panchayats have been appointed as Forest Officers to carry out the functions specified in Rule 11 of the HP Forest produce Transit (Land Routes) Rules, 1978 for the issuance of passes for transport of MFP collected from the forests in respect of 37 items
Gujarat State Forest Development Corporation
State Forest Department Gujarat State Forest Development Corporation Ltd. has been collecting and trading in MFP, namely mahuwa, gum karaya and other gums from the forest areas through tribals. The remaining MFPs are free for open trade.
State Forest Department
State Forest Department For Non-nationalized MFP, the GPs in consultation with the GS have appointed the Maharashtra State Cooperative Tribal Development Corporation (MSCTDC) as an agent to procure the MFP.