Van Dhan Vikas Karyakram
The tribal communities primarily depend on collection and sale of seasonal minor forest produces (MFP) for livelihood and income...
Minimum Support Price
Govt of India has taken a number of initiatives for socio economic development of tribals and recognizing the critical importance...
Tribals constitute 8.60% of the total population of the country, numbering 104.28 million (2011 Census) and cover about 15% of the...
TRIFED in its endeavor to develop the marketing of minor forest produce is engaged in skill up gradation and capacity building ...
MFPNET is a network of stakeholders in the trade of MFPs which includes individuals, agencies, institutions etc interested in development of MFP.
Retail Marketing
TRIFED aims to improve the livelihood of the tribal communities by creating a sustainable market and create business opportunities ...

Retail Marketing

TRIFED aims to improve the livelihood of the tribal communities by creating a sustainable market and create business opportunities for them based on their cultured knowledge and traditional skills whilst ensuring fair and equitable remuneration. It involves exploring marketing possibilities for marketing of tribal products on a sustainable basis, creating brand and providing other services.

Sourcing of Tribal Products

TRIFED has a network of 13 Regional Offices across the country which identifies and source tribal products for marketing through its retail marketing network of TRIBES INDIA outlets. TRIFED has been undertaking sourcing of various handicraft, handloom and natural & food products through its empanelled suppliers across the country. The suppliers comprise of individual tribal artisans, tribal SHGs, Organisations/ Agencies/NGOs working with tribals. The suppliers are empanelled with TRIFED as per the guidelines for empanelment of suppliers.

Marketing of Tribal Products

TRIFED has been marketing tribal products through its Retail Outlets located across country and also through exhibitions. TRIFED has established a chain of 35 own showrooms and 8 consignment showrooms in association with State level Organisations promoting tribal handicrafts.


Aadishilp: On Developmental side, TRIFED has been organizing National Tribal Craft Expo – Aadishilp. Tribal artisans/groups/organizations are invited to participate in this Expo and showcase their rich tribal heritage. The main objective in holding these events is to provide an opportunity to tribal artisans to showcase their ethnic crafts and to interact directly with art lovers to learn about their taste and preferences. This helps them in adapting their product designs and creations accordingly. The event also includes tribal dance performances at times. It is an attempt to present tribal art and culture in holistic manner, which has been received well by the customers.

Aadichitra: TRIFED also organises Aadishitra’- an exhibition of tribal paintings, in which tribal paintings are exclusively displayed and sold. The tribal artists are also invited to demonstrate their art in these exhibitions. Encouraged by the response, TRIFED has been organizing Aadichitras at various locations across the country.

OCTAVE: TRIFED also participates in the OCTAVE – a dance festival of North Eastern Region, organized by Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. TRIFED is also associated with this event from 2008-09 onwards. TRIFED organizes participation of artisan from North Eastern Region and provide them the opportunity to showcase and market their products.


TRIFED participates in international exhibitions/trade fairs through Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts(EPCH) and India Trade Promotion Organisation(ITPO) in various countries for display and sale of tribal products sourced from tribal artisans.