Bhulekh Odisha- RoR Registration, Land Records, Bhunaksha Online

Bringing transparency in the ownership records of land is the need of time. To make this happen, the State Government of Odisha has launched the much needed online land records system. Here citizens can view their Odisha land details online. In this post, we will share every detail on Odisha Bhulekh land records using which you can verify your records. The article covers the procedure to register for Record of Rights, the step by step process of viewing the records online, view the land map, payment of stamp duties, revenue payment and many other relevant information points.

Bhulekh Odisha Land Record

Bhulekh Odisha is an online government platform launched by the Revenue Department of Government of Odisha.  It keeps systematic track of lands in Odisha State where citizens can view their Record of Right details digitally. Information on all the particulars of land including location, area police station, owner of property is now within easy reach of Odisha citizens. The portal also allows you to make online payments of Stamp Duty and land revenue. 

For the convenience of users, the State is bifurcated into Districts, Tahasil, RI circles, villages. The user has to further choose the applicable option from the given Khatiyan, plot number or tenant name. Have a look at the State Statistics in the table below:

Element of State  Number
Districts  30
RI Circles2293
Khatiyans  17363211

This system aims to bring transparency for those entering in property transactions with unfamiliar buyers. Here you can view your RoR front and RoR back page

So, first let us see what is RoR Documents

RoR-Bhulekh Odisha Record of Right Documents

As the name suggests, RoR documents stand for Record of Right documents. It specifies the name of land owner and is the most significant document in a land transaction. No single sale transaction of land can take place without access to this document. It carries every relevant information like the name of owner, his/her father’s name, place of residence, transfer history and cost.

Significance of keeping Land Records

Records are the crucial proofs confirming one’s ownership on something. Like this, Land Records also confirms your right as an owner. Safety and proper filing of these documents helps in smooth execution of purchase and sale transactions. Any discrepancy or a missing document can make you lose legal right on it. Hence, to get away from any legal complications, it is important to keep your records properly.

The service of keeping land records involves very minimal fee. The applicable fee and service charges to register for ROR documents is as follows:

Government fees and User costsRs.30.00
Printing ChargesRs.10.00
Scanning ChargesRs.5.00
Service Charges of the kiosk OperatorRs.8.00
Certificate Output ChargesRs.10.00
DEGs chargesRs.2.00

Documents For Registration On Bhulekh Odisha

In order to register for Odisha RoR , you need to furnish following documents:

  • Proof of ownership of property
  • Identify proof – preferably applicant’s Voter ID
  • Proof of Address – Aadhaar Card
  • Ration Card
  • Land Tax
  • Income certificate
  • Encumbrance Certificate

Eligibility to Apply For Record of Rights

Under Bhulekh Odisha, the certification of records will take place only for dispute free land.  Any disputed property or property in the name of State Government of Odisha/ Central Government land cannot be certified under Bhulekh Odisha.

How to Apply for Bhulekh Odisha Record of Rights

There are two ways to apply for certified copy of Record of Rights

  •   Application to District Revenue Office
  •   Application to Common Service Centre

How to Apply Through District Revenue Office

You may follow the following steps to get certified copy of Record of Rights through District Revenue Office:

  • Visit the District Revenue Office
  • From there, get Odisha ROR application form
  • Arrange all the above-mentioned identification documents and keep it ready with you
  • Submit copy of all the asked documents along with duly filled up RoR form
  • Submit your filled up application form at the office
  • The collecting officer will check the form for any apparent discrepancy
  • On acceptance, obtain your acknowledgment slip containing the application number
  • Keep the number safe to track the progress of your application
  • The department will take time to process the application
  •  The Land records officer of the area undertakes scrutiny of the land and properties
  •  On satisfactory verification, ROR is issued.
  •  Revisit the office, give the application number and obtain your certified copy of Odisha records of right

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How to Apply Through Common Service Centre (CSC)

  • Visit your convenient Common Service Centre (CSC)
  • Collect the application form. Fill it up as prescribed
  • Form asks for Personal information, Communication address and details relating to property/land
  • Provide all the information and required documents
  • The application is forwarded online to the relevant authority
  • Obtain your application number
  • For sake of convenience, number is also sent via mail and SMS as per details filled in form
  • Tahasildar verifies your application request in the light of documents submitted
  • If found satisfactory, Records of Rights extract is issued
  • You can also check progress status of your application online at e-District portal of Odisha
  • For this, visit website
    • –> Quick Links –> Application Status
    • If status indicates request as accepted, verify your RoR details by following this step

Quick Links –> Certificate Verification –> Enter certificate number –> Verify

Check your Bhulekh RoR application status in quick links of eDistrict portal
Image: Check your Bhulekh Odisha RoR application status in eDistrict portal
  • Once verified, you can now download the Odisha RoR
  • Alternatively, you can revisit the CSC center for collecting duly signed copy of Record of Rights

The above mentioned procedure was on how to apply to get certified copy of Record of Rights. Now, we will share how you can view or check the certified Records of Rights

How To Check Bhulekh Record of Rights Online

  • First, Visit the official website of the Bhulekh portal
  • In the second column below State Stats, you have to select location for RoR

Here you can search for the records in 3 ways, that is, khatiyan, plot and tenant name. We have explained each option in the table below

Select your district, tahasil, village, and RI circle.Select your district, tahasil, village, and RI circle.Select your district, tahasil, village, and RI circle.
Select KhatiyanSelect PlotSelect Tenant
Choose Khatiyan numberChoose Plot number from drop down menuSelect Tenant Name
View the RoR Front page and RoR Back page on Bhulekh Odisha website
Image: RoR view of Bhulekh Odisha. The options selected are for knowledge purpose only
  • Click on RoR Front Page or RoR Back Page as per your requirement
  • Here you can view the Land Record details
  • You can also download these or keep a printed copy if frequent reference required

BhuNaksha(Map View)

The official online portal of Bhulekh Odisha also gives you access to Map view and Tahasil Info

How To View Your Land on BhuNaksha (Map view)

  • For this, open the website
  • Click on the Map View in the top right corner
  • Select your District and Submit
View the BhuNaksha of your land on Bhulekh Odisha website
Image: View the BhuNaksha of your land on Bhulekh Odisha website
  • Here you have to choose the District, Tahasil, RI and Village
  • Select your plot number
  • Now click on Plot info in the left corner to see the map report
  • The details of the plot are right there on the screen
  • You can also download the PDF of your map report
BhuNaksha or Map view of land on Bhulekh Odisha
Image: BhuNaksha or Map view of land on Bhulekh Odisha

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Tahasil Information

How To Know About Your Tahasil?

  • For this, visit the Odisha Bhulekh webpage    
  • Select the option ‘Tehsil Info’ on the top right
  • Choose your district and tahasil and enter button ‘Go!’
  • Here you can see all the information like the size of tahasil, when it came into existence
  • It also let you know how to reach the tahasil and major tourist places of the selected tahasil

How to Report Discrepancies in Bhulekh Record?

In case you come across any discrepancies in Records or want to seek more clarification, the Site contains information to contact the following authorities:

  • Concerned Tehsildar
  • Director, Land Records & Survey, Board of Revenue, Cuttack
  • Revenue Minister Helpline

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What does Bhulekh and Bhunaksha stands for?

Ans:  Bhulekh is a combination of 2 separate words, Bhu= Land+ Lekh = Account/Record. Here, it refers to the land records maintained by the State Government and accessible on Govt. Official website.

Bhunaksha is formed by words Bhu=Land + Naksha= Map. Here, it stands for the map view of your property in the District and more precisely in Tahasil and Village

Q:  If the details of all plots is available?

Ans: Answer is Yes. The information of all your plots & property can be seen on this portal.

Q:  Can I check the information on the tenants of property?

Ans: Yes, the relevant information of tenants relating to property can easily be accessed.

Q:   If payment of Stamp duty is possible from the Bhulekh Odisha Website?

Ans. Yes, on the homepage of Bhulekh Odisha website, there is an option below on the page to pay stamp duty online. By clicking on this, you are redirected to Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. Here, you can pay stamp duty under Online e-stamping payment system.

Q:  How to Pay Land Revenue from Bhulekh Orissa webiste?

Ans:  For payment of land revenue, click on online payment of land revenue at the bottom of Homepage of Bhulekh Odisha website. On a single click, a direct link of Odisha Land revenue site opens up. Here, mention all your details like District, Tahasil, Village, Khatiyan number and the financial year for which you are paying land revenue. The system will fetch the amount of revenue due and you can make payment. 

That’s all for now. Here we have tried to explain all the details on Bhulekh Odisha Land Records Step by Step.

I hope this article had answer to all your questions. Please write to us in the comment section below for more information. For further updates keep visiting our website:

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