Covid 19 Variant XE – Transmissibility, Precaution and Cases  

Covid 19 Variant XE, Transmissibility everything is discussed in this article. There have been several reports about the introduction of a new Covid variant known as Covid 19 variant XE. It may be more transmissible that BA 2, according to preliminary research. The Tata Institute of Genetics and Society tried to calm fears about the new variety by stating that there’s no reason to panic, but to do extensive research.

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Covid 19 Variant XE

The latest research by the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that the Covid19 Variant XE mutant may be more transmissible compared to other COVID-19 variants. But, this signal is not strong enough to cause a wave. People should not ignore Covid’s safety warnings as the pandemic is far from over. It is important to wear masks and give immunity vaccines according to the guidelines and boosters doses whenever possible. Avoid over crowding, especially in close quarters. You can maintain a friendly demeanour by wearing masks.

New Covid 19 Variant XE reported
Image: New Covid 19 Variant XE reported

The WHO has identified three hybrid or recombinant Covid varieties so far. First is Covid 19 Variant XD, second is variant XF and third is variant XE. However, 600 Covid cases have been linked to this strain so far. Although the WHO claims that the Covid variant XE is more transmissible than other Covid variants but there is not enough evidence to support this claim and suggest that it could genuinely cause a Covid wave.

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Covid 19 Variants

VOCs are viruses that have viral variants that increase transmissibility and virulence, while decreasing the effectiveness of current diagnostics and vaccinations.

“Variants Of Concern/Covid 19 Variant E”
S. No.Name of VariantLineageFirst SamplePrimary OutbreakDesignated
1.AlphaB.1.1.7Sep 2020UK18 Dec 2020
2.BetaB.1.351May 2020South Africa18 Dec 2020
3.GammaP.1Nov 2020Brazil11 Jan2021
4.DeltaB.1.617.2Oct 2020India11 May 2021
5.OmicronB.1.1.529Nov 2021South Africa26 Nov 2021
6.XEBA.2Jan 2022UK and US19 January 2022

The World Health Organization has determined that a new variant of the novel coronavirus Covid 19 Variant XE is approximately 10% more transmissible to Omicron’s BA.2 subvariant. Omicron BA.2 till date seems the most infective strain of Covid-19. If the new study is confirmed, Covid19 Variant XE could become the most transmissible Covid-19 strain ever. The Omicron BA.2 subvariant is also spreading across the globe and accounts for most new Covid-19 cases in America.

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What is Covid 19 Variant XE?  

This new variant Covid19 Variant XE is mixture of two Omicron variations: BA.1 & BA.2. It accounts for only a fraction of cases worldwide at the moment. The Union Health Ministry released figures on Saturday showing that India’s COVID-19 total cases increased to 4,30,27,035, while active cases decreased to 13,445.

Figures updated at 9:00 a.m, show that the death toll has risen to 5,21,264 with 83 additional deaths. The ministry stated that active cases make up 0.03 percent of all infections. However, the national COVID-19 recovery rates is still 98.76%. The WHO released a report earlier this week stating that the Covid Variant XE Recombinant (BA.1–BA.2) was discovered in the UK for the first time on January 19, and that less than 600 sequences were reported and confirmed.

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Covid Variant XE Transmissibility

The world health organization stated that early estimates suggest a 10% increase in community growth rates over BA.2, but that needs confirmation. The Covid 19 variant XE will continue to be classified under the Omicron Variation unless there are significant differences in features such as transmission and severity.

  • According to the UK Health Security Agency, three novel recombinant strains are currently in circulation: XD, XE, and XF variants. Recombinant strains combine two previously distinct harmonies.
  • XD is the Omicron lineage’s Delta x BA.1 hybrid. The variant was found primarily in France, Denmark, Belgium, according to reports.
  • Omicron’s Covid 19 Variant Sub-variant is mixture of BA.1 and B.2 sub-variants. It was found in the United Kingdom, and it showed signs of community transmission.

XF is an Omicron hybrid that comes from the Delta x BA.1 x Omicron lineage. It was first discovered in the United Kingdom, but it has not been seen since 15th February.


Covid variant XE Precaution  

  • For the latest information on covid 19, contact your local health authority.
  • To stop the spread of Covid 19 Variant XE, keep at least 1m distance from other people.
  • When you are out in public, wear a mask.
  • Avoid close places and opt for open, ventilated ones. Open a window if you are indoors.
  • You should wash your hands often. Use soap, water, or an alcohol-based hand scrub to clean your hands.
  • Get vaccinated when it is your turn. Complete vaccination must be given in accordance with local recommendations.
  • When you cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth using your bent elbow or a tissue.
  • Stay at home if you are ill.


You should seek medical attention if you have fever, a common cold, or difficulty in breathing. To ensure that you are referred to the right healthcare centre, please contact your doctor as soon as possible. This protects you and prevents the spread of disease like Covid 19 Variant XE.

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