TRIFED Seller Empanelment- registration, Online Selling

TRIFED seller get a market platform to sell their artistic produce. India is an abode to the second highest population of tribes all over the world. Tribal community in India is scattered in various locations across the country. The tribal products consist of a wide range from Artistic Textiles, Buddhist Figures, Dhokra, Herbal cleansers, Honey, Nutritious seeds, Black Terracotta, Brassware and many other products. The sellers are famous for the ethnic arts and handicrafts. In this post, we will discuss TRIFED Seller Registration process.

Tribal Co-operative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED), acts as an associating link between the sellers of this wide variety of products and prospective buyers. A multi-level strategy adopted by TRIFED gives a platform to the craftsmen for exhibiting their skills. 

The objective is to create earning source for the tribal community by providing them an outlet to sell their produce.

Channels To Sell Tribal Products

There are broadly 3 ways through which you can sell your Tribal Products: 

a )  Tribes India – The Art and Soul of India  – Retail outlets

b)  Aadi Mahotsav and Exhibitions

c)  E-commerce

Tribes India- Retail outlets

TRIFED has set up a chain of a number of Tribes India retail outlets all over the country. These outlets are house to the highest level of ethnic handicraft and handloom. These are dedicated to showcase the beauty in the handwork of the Tribal people.

  • TRIFED inaugurated the 1st Tribes India Retail Store in New Delhi. This is its first move towards the retail selling of tribal products
  • The network of Tribes India outlet has grown to the number of 130 outlets covering the entire of India
  • TRIFED is increasing the network by operating not only TRIFED’s own stores but also giving outlets on consignment and franchisee terms
  • These 130 Tribes India retail outlet network comprises 82 owned showrooms, 33 consignments and 15 franchises 
  • The products showcased include Metal Craft, Tribal Jewelery, handwoven apparels for men and women, home decoration pieces, paintings from cane, bamboo and fodder, Ethic gift pieces, nutritious seeds, edible nuts, raisins, coffee, honey and many other items

To sell tribal products, check out the list of TRIFED retail outlets here

Aadi Mahotsav and Exhibitions

TRIFED organizes Exhibitions called Aadi Mahotsav all over the country. These exhibitions give platform to the Tribal product sellers to directly contact with the interested buyers

  • Sellers like individual artisans, Self Help groups and other tribal organizations can participate in this event
  • Sellers get opportunity to connect with people from metro cities. Urban admirers familiarize themselves with the rich culture and legacy of Tribal community
  • The artisans can get handsome monetary value of their produce
  • Sellers get new ideas through valuable opinions on what designs art lovers desire
  • Dancing troupes and music artists get platform to showcase their vibrant dance and music culture
  • Sellers can let urban masses taste the Tribes cuisines i.e Adi Vyanjan. Stall space is allocated to Tribe Chefs to promote cultural dishes

By registering as seller on TRIFED, you can participate in global level exhibitions/ fairs and festivals organized through Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) and India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO)

TRIFED organized Aadi Mahotsav to showcase tribal products of TRIFED Seller
Image: TRIFED organized Aadi Mahotsav to showcase tribal products of TRIFED Seller


The advancement of internet and e-commerce has unfolded an entirely new dimension for sellers of Tribe produce. The reach of the producers is not limited to local sector anymore. Now, sellers can make it to the entire world through online portal of TRIFED

  • For online sale, register on the online portal We will explain, how to register in this post below
  • As a seller of your handcrafted produce, you are only a click away from the massive audience of entire world
  • To widen the reach to the millennial admirers and enthusiasts, access to TRIBES India Mobile App is also made available
  • Make your presence felt on online marketing giants like Snapdeal, Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart and GeM
  • The products are promoted under the Brand of Tribes India. Selling under brand name benefits the genuine registered sellers

 To promote your authentic tribal products, register as a Seller

Online Market giants give platform to TRIFED Seller to market tribal products
Image: Online Market giants give platform to TRIFED Seller to market tribal products

Eligible entities to become TRIFED seller

  • Individual tribal artisans
  • Tribal Self Help Groups
  •  Organizations/ Agencies/NGOs who are engaged and working with tribes

How To Associate With TRIFED As Seller

TRIFED has created an organized structure for identification of genuine and authentic suppliers of Tribal products. Such structure is necessary so that the deserving suppliers get benefitted from the initiatives of Schemes

Broadly there are two ways for getting registered as a supplier:

  • Identification by TRIFED for empanelment as a supplier
  • Self application by registrant. 

Empanelment Of Sellers

TRIFED takes into consideration various channels to recognize the tribal artisans who seek empowerment.  These channels include

Association with State Level Organisation/Agencies engaged with tribal artisans:

  • Individual artisans or Self Help groups who have enrolled for Capacity building initiatives of Central/State Level organizations/agencies
  • These artisans source their products to Government Department/Agencies
  • TRIFED creates a network with the Government Department/Agencies to procure the finished products of these artisans
  • Efforts are made to identify artisans and extend reach to as many artisans as possible
  • Identified artisans are empaneled as suppliers by TRIFED

Organization of Tribal artisan Mela (TAM)

  • Tribal Artisan Mela (TAM) are organized at innermost level like District/Tehsil/Block level
  • Tribal craftsmen of these areas get invites to participate in the Artisan Mela and showcase their artistic pieces
  • For those who do not get invitation, TRIFED employs identification teams to identify and join more and more artisans for display of products for sale
  • These Sellers get chance to demonstrate their craft work at other exhibitions and festivals also
  • Suppliers unaware of initiatives get to know about the Schemes started for their benefits
  • This is another way for empanelment as TRIFED Seller

How To Register yourself as TRIFED Seller

Another way to empanel with TRIFED as a seller is to apply for registration. For this, you can follow the below steps:

  • Visit the online portal
  • On home page, Click on Seller column
  • Here you have to create your account
  • As asked, fill up the necessary details like User name, User Type
  • If you are creating account on behalf of some organization working with Tribal Community, enter your organization name and address
  • For getting a response, give your email address, mobile number
  • For geographic classification and getting postal communication, enter your address, State where you live in, District etc.
  • After filling up the details, click the button “Create New Account”
  • Now, your have successfully created your account
  • On receiving your interest for association, TRIFED will revert to you
How to create account to register as TRIFED Seller
Image: How to create account to register as TRIFED Seller

All in all, whether an independent artisan or engaged with an NGO, you can register yourself and become a proud seller. TRIFED welcomes the beauty and simplicity of the Tribal produce. All the gifted tribal artisans out there, come & join and become an integral member of the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Drive.

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